Hello, I'm Charlene

Certified Life &
Health Coaching

I specialize in helping highly-driven people in their struggle to balance life, work, and responsibilities while maintaining a sense of deep fulfillment. I help them live and sustain their best life without sacrificing personal or professional success.

TruBliss was born from my desire to inspire and encourage self-empowerment that produces authentic growth and transformation.

A successful life can be so demanding that it affects you in unexpected ways. We know that balance is essential in life: ideally, your life should be a balance of personal and professional engagement and success. To live your best life, the aspects of health, money, relationships, career, and spirituality must be in balance. So what’s a successful professional to do?

Only you can take care of you – but we can guide you on your journey!
You didn’t make it to this point in life by being reactive rather than proactive – and the same holds true for the rest of your life. At TruBliss, we empower our clients to joyfully take control of all areas of their life. Getting out in front of the state of your mental, physical, and emotional health is up to you. Let us help you.

Some modalities we employ to empower our clients:

  • Exploration of where you are right now with your health and life while unveiling desired goals and where you want to be instead
  • Discovery of the best pathway to move forward together to reach true bliss in your life
  • Movement & exercise to support your health and increase your lifespan
  • Stillness & meditation to help quiet your crazy “monkey mind” (that never-ceasing mental chatter that keeps you from truly relaxing)
  • Nutritional guidance to help you fuel your well-being emotionally, physically, and mentally
  • Self-care to rejuvenate and fill your cup so you can continue giving to others

Beliefs create results and life experiences. TruBliss believes in you! The time to reclaim your zest and vitality for life is now.

Our Mission

The TruBliss mission is to help people find solutions that transform their lives, solutions that ensure real results for clients. We create a solid foundation for our mission by educating people: through individualized programs, workshops, retreats and public speaking. We empower and inspire people to create their best lives through balance and wellness. We work with absolute confidentiality and professionalism to empower our clients to find true balance between work and life, allowing them to experience true bliss.

Only you can take care of you.